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British PM: Royal Will Settle Differences with Harry1, Meghan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday he believes members of the royal family can settle differences over Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.


Harry and Meghan, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, want to break free of their royal duties and move to Canada.

哈里和梅根(Harry and Meghan)也被稱為蘇塞克斯公爵和公爵夫人,他們希望擺脫王室職責,搬到加拿大。

The two have received approval from Queen Elizabeth. She said she and other family members regret the decision but understand and respect it.


Agreement on important details has yet to be reached, however, and some difficult decisions need to be made. Canada's leader also has raised questions. But Boris Johnson told a BBC television (TV) reporter that the monarchy2 will be able to find solutions.

然而,尚未就重要細節達成協議,并且需要做出一些困難的決定。加拿大領導人也提出了疑問。但是鮑里斯·約翰遜(Boris Johnson)告訴BBC電視臺的記者,君主制將能夠找到解決方案。

"My view on this is very straightforward3: I am a ... fan, like most of our viewers, of the queen and the royal family as a(n)...asset for our country," Johnson said.


The royal family held a crisis meeting Monday at the queen's Sandringham House property in eastern England. Johnson said he believes they will be able to find agreement "much more easily without a running commentary from politicians."


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex started the crisis when they released a statement last week. They said they wanted to step back from most royal duties and become financially independent.


The two have decided4 to spend at least part of their time in Canada, a Commonwealth5 country where the queen is head of state. Meghan worked in Canada for seven years while filming the TV series "Suits."

兩國決定至少將一部分時間花在加拿大(女王是國家元首)的英聯邦國家。梅根在加拿大拍攝電視連續劇《 Suits》時工作了七年。

The move angered some royals who had not been involved in the decision. The Sandringham meeting brought together the 93-year-old queen, her eldest6 son and heir Prince Charles, his son Prince William and his brother Prince Harry.


After the meeting, the Queen release a statement saying the family will not try to stop Prince Harry and Meghan from seeking independence.


After it was clear they will live in Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country welcomes the news, but he has issues to discuss. Among the issues are the high cost of providing day-to-day security for Harry, Meghan and their son, Archie.


"I think most Canadians are very supportive of having royals be here, but how that looks and what kind of costs are involved, there are still lots of discussions to have," Trudeau told Canadian TV. He added that so far there have been no official talks on the issue between the Canadian and British governments.


Britain's royal family is protected by a special team of officers from London's Metropolitan7 Police, also known as Scotland Yard. The cost of that protection is not made public.


In addition to security costs, it is likely that some special force of London police would have to operate in Canada.


Many financial questions remain. The queen says Harry and Meghan do not plan to use public money when they step back from royal duties. So it is possible they may be asked to pay for their security.


Harry and Meghan have said that one of their goals is to become financially independent. It is not known if they will continue to receive money from Harry's father, Prince Charles, who uses earnings8 from the Duchy of Cornwall estate to pay for many royal activities. The estate earned more than $26 million last year.


Harry and Meghan have announced plans to launch a charitable organization in the coming year. They just completed a six-week vacation in western Canada with their baby. Meghan has returned to Canada after a short visit to London last week.



Words in This Story:

royal – adj. belonging to a king or queen or members of their family

monarchy – n. a country that is ruled by a king or queen

fan – n. someone with a strong interest in another person or thing

asset – n. a thing that is good, helpful or valuable

Commonwealth – n. the countries that were once part of the British Empire

heir – n. one who has rights to the property or position of another after that individual's death

charitable – adj. relating to the assistance of those in need


1 harry heBxS     
  • Today,people feel more hurried and harried.今天,人們感到更加忙碌和苦惱。
  • Obama harried business by Healthcare Reform plan.奧巴馬用醫改掠奪了商界。
2 monarchy e6Azi     
  • The monarchy in England plays an important role in British culture.英格蘭的君主政體在英國文化中起重要作用。
  • The power of the monarchy in Britain today is more symbolical than real.今日英國君主的權力多為象徵性的,無甚實際意義。
3 straightforward fFfyA     
  • A straightforward talk is better than a flowery speech.巧言不如直說。
  • I must insist on your giving me a straightforward answer.我一定要你給我一個直截了當的回答。
4 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.這使他們比對手具有明顯的優勢。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英國人和中國人打招呼的方式有很明顯的區別。
5 commonwealth XXzyp     
  • He is the chairman of the commonwealth of artists.他是藝術家協會的主席。
  • Most of the members of the Commonwealth are nonwhite.英聯邦的許多成員國不是白人國家。
6 eldest bqkx6     
  • The King's eldest son is the heir to the throne.國王的長子是王位的繼承人。
  • The castle and the land are entailed on the eldest son.城堡和土地限定由長子繼承。
7 metropolitan mCyxZ     
  • Metropolitan buildings become taller than ever.大城市的建筑變得比以前更高。
  • Metropolitan residents are used to fast rhythm.大都市的居民習慣于快節奏。
8 earnings rrWxJ     
  • That old man lives on the earnings of his daughter.那個老人靠他女兒的收入維持生活。
  • Last year there was a 20% decrease in his earnings.去年他的收入減少了20%。
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